What is Mettler-based Dance?

It is dance work which is strongly influenced by the principles developed by Barbara Mettler and which draws heavily upon her methods and materials. The designation "Mettler-based" distinguishes the work of Mettler’s students and their students from the work of Barbara Mettler herself.

Mettler understood the limitations of a body of work being taught in imitative fashion by people with little understanding of its meaning. She taught that dance teaching is a creative endeavor, an expression of one’s inner life. Each person’s approach is unique, although principles of dance can be generalized. Therefore, Mettler’s life was dedicated to investigating and teaching principles, methodology, and materials of dance in a way that could be separated from her own personal style.  Her desire was that her students would absorb the meaning of the work, make it their own, and share it with others in their own way. The term "Mettler-based’ acknowledges the influence of Barbara Mettler without claiming to own or reproduce her work.

Many members of IACD have extensive experience teaching dance based on Mettler's principles. Others have applied insights gained from Mettler to other areas of work and life.

If you want more information on a Mettler-based resource person in your area, please contact us!